Info for dog owners

We welcome well behaved dogs (on leads please) to Wroxham Barns but we do ask for your co-operation. There are two areas where we do not allow dogs

  • On Junior Farm
  • The Childrens Funfair, The Mini Golf and the adjacent grass area where children play and where many families picnic.

We will have dog pooh bins and pooh bag dispensers available on site and do ask you to carefully clear up after your dog.

Please do not take your dog into any of our shops (everybody accepts this is normal practice). We do have a very nice covered terrace outside our coffee shop where you can sit and have refreshments with your dog.

We remain very vigilant about the risks of dog faeces to small children and really hope that everybody will be very careful.

I hope the following information will be of help to fellow dog owners (we have a much love westie called Nicks).

Many attractions do not allow dogs and I would always advise you to check with attractions before your start out on your journey. There are many very good websites which allow you to search for facilities that allow dogs; in Norfolk, I would recommend or, both of which have a search facility.

The uncomfortable truth is that whilst MOST dog owners are responsible and do not allow their dogs to foul pathways and public areas, regrettably a minority are not so responsible. In addition, even if you use a “poop scoop”, sometimes it is simply not possible to remove every trace of faeces from surfaces, such as gravel and grass. THIS IS WHY WE INSIST THAT DOGS DO NOT GO ON THE GRASS BY THE FUNFAIR AND SWINGS. You will be aware of the dangers of bacteria in dog faeces, particularly to young children.

The basis of the advice on which we base our decision is as follows: The main danger to human health in dog faeces is the presence of the eggs of Toxocara Canis. This is a roundworm which lives, harmlessly, in dogs but presents severe danger to humans. A dog can pass 15,000 eggs in just one gram of faeces. There are two ways that the ingestion of Toxocara eggs can harm humans.

The first is when a large number of eggs hatch inside the body. The spread of the larvae often lead to extreme fever and illness. This happens because the human body rejects them and tries to pass them through the liver. The second way that these larvae can harm humans is much more dramatic. If a single larva invades one of the body’s most delicate structures, such as the retina, severe damage can occur, leading to severe visual impairment or total blindness.

Damage from faeces is more prevalent in young children, but this is often because they are less aware of correct hygiene procedure than older children or adults. However, their immune system is weaker than that of adults, which puts them at more risk of succumbing to illness. It is therefore essential to keep a close eye on them when visiting parks and gardens or the beach, even in the street. It is also essential that dog owners act as responsibly as they can to ensure that open spaces are as safe as possible for children. As well as cleaning up after their dogs, their pets should be wormed regularly to destroy the roundworms which are the cause of the problem.

With an estimated 900 tonnes of dog faeces produced every day in the UK, it is vital for both owners and parents of small children to be as vigilant as possible. Small children are always putting their fingers in their mouths, and there is no point trying to teach them not to.

On the other hand, it is not practical to keep them indoors and away from danger all day long. However, it is possible for children to play outside. Vigilant parents should carry a pack of disinfectant wipes with them when taking children to play, especially in grassy areas. Even when responsible owners do clear up after their pets, traces of faeces and Toxocara can remain, especially where the dog has been on grass. This is especially problematic as, although, there is no faeces to be seen, the danger is now an invisible one, and what looks like a safe place is actually infected and dangerous.

If you would like to discuss this matter further, please feel free to contact me. In the meantime, my very best wishes

Yours sincerely
Ian Russell MBE
Wroxham Barns Ltd
Direct dial 01603 777101
Mobile 07850 504447

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